Wedding Planning

Deciding on a wedding venue can be daunting and not as simple as saying: “I do”. Let’s be honest, the perfect venue can make your wedding an awesome success or rob the day of its joy. For many this is the most important planned-event in their lives and naturally you want it to be memorable and perfect. One could say that choosing the venue is almost the most important thing to get right, after finding Mr-or-Mrs right. 

Here are our top tips towards planning your dream venue:

  1. Know your budget
    Unless you are extremely fortunate, money will play a vital role in the arrangements of your nuptials. Understanding the budget you and your spouse-to-be have available is a crucial first step. Knowing the resources available will aid the entire process, not just the venue. So, be sure you know what you can spend, before you start! Embarking on marriage with heaps of debt from the wedding day will most likely place unnecessary stress on you as a couple. 

  2. Wedding planner or no wedding planner?
    Decide this early on in the game. Your wedding planner can be incredibly helpful and take a lot of the nitty gritty worries off your plate. The wedding planner doesn’t have to be a professional, but maybe you have a friend or cousin who is talented in this area and has the time to help. Perhaps that could be their gift, instead of a blender? Some venues have wedding planners on staff. Be sure to ask!

  3. Work smart – not hard
    Finding a shortlist of the best venues is easy with functionvenues.com. You can easily find and shortlist the best venues within minutes.  We’ve made it easy and convenient to search venues by location, type, number of people and type of event. This saves you hours of browsing around and phone calls. You can also get quotes from all your favourites with one simple click. Voila! 

  4. The list
    We can’t tell you who to invite and who to exclude, but we can advise that having a list is going to make the way forward simpler. Choose a venue that will accommodate your guestlist. Keep in mind that not everyone on your list will RSVP “yes”. Knowing your maximum number is important. Try to choose a venue that can comfortably accommodate this list. Planning for 100 and trimming down is a lot easier than planning small and then trying to squeeze. 

  5. Location savvy for you
    Also remember that you will likely have to visit the venue a few times before the big day and wasting money on travelling could mean sacrificing something else. So that, it will be easy to co-ordinate for the preparations and you can easily pop in if need be. Remember to get the number of the manager on duty or co-ordinator and stay in touch with them. They see this venue a lot more than you ever will and can help answer a lot of questions. 

  6. Location savvy for your guestlist
    This day should be all about you and your love for each other, but do consider that a remote venue which is far for the majority of your guests may be a problem. It is assumed that weddings are expensive, but if most of your guests have to fly and pay for accommodation, you may be testing more than their love for you. Your guests want to be there to support you on this beautiful occasion. Choose a venue that is easily accessible or at least give your invitees fair warning to save up. There are plenty of venues that have brilliant accommodation packages. Get prices early on.

 Keep an eye out for our next wedding article which will share tips on the questions you should ask before committing to a venue. Committing to your partner is all on you. When it comes to the venues and service providers, we’ve got you covered!


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